This is The Overspill. I’m Charles Arthur, a freelance journalist, previously technology editor of The Guardian, but this is not a blog associated with The Guardian.

I’m available to write, speak, moderate events of all kinds, and do media training. (I’m not a charity, however, so unless your organisation is, please expect that I’ll ask to be paid to do any of those things.) You can find out more details on how to contact me through my personal website.

Want a sample of some of the things I’ve done?
calculated how woeful sales of Amazon’s Fire Phone were (I reckoned 35,000 in a month based on publicly available data); within days it had cut the price by $200

• wrote about Huaqiangbei, the giant market in Shenzhen where you can get any electronics part you want (and the thriving market in not-quite-legit smartphones there)

• explained how “falling market share” can actually mean “growing number of users” in smartphones

explained it again, with graphs

explained how the smartphone patent wars work

• pointed out that BlackBerry’s Playbook tablet was a sales disaster, based on its accounts showing ballooning inventory: within days it was slashing the price.

You can find the full listing of thousands of stories I’ve written on Journalisted.

If you want references on speaking, moderating or media training, I’ll be happy to help.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. “Of course, if they used chip/PIN.. then probably the PINs would get stolen too.”
    Actually they wouldn’t Chip readers at pos are end to end encrypted, the data is already encrypted before it gets to the computer it’s attached to. Even if the data could be decrypted by the bot it doesn’t contain either the card number or the pin but a one time use card proxy code.

  2. Re: “WeWork May Lay Off Thousands”

    “Has there ever been a bigger car crash of a venture-funded company? I’d love to know.”


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